Age Spot And Brown Spot Removal

Age spots, sometimes called liver spots, are discolorations of various sizes that primarily appear on a person’s face, hands, arms, or shoulders. These are the most common areas, as they are most often subjected to sun exposure. Spots appear on the skin’s surface when melanin, which provides color in tanned skin, becomes clumped or highly concentrated in certain areas. These spots are flat and appear as some shade of light brown to black. They are more common in older adults, but anyone can get them. Excessive sun exposure will increase the likelihood of developing these spots. Age spots are not harmful, but because they can be similar in appearance to cancerous growths, they should be carefully evaluated by a medical professional. Texas Vein & Aesthetics is properly staffed and qualified to provide care for residents in the areas of Denton and Frisco, where their offices are located.

Once it has been determined that unsightly spots are indeed harmless, we offer effective methods for age spot and brown spot removal for cosmetic purposes. To determine the best treatment to minimize age spots or brown spots, the doctor or physician assistant will conduct a consultation. This allows time to examine and evaluate patients' conditions, and to discuss desires and expectations that they wish to achieve from treatment. Using the most advanced technologies available, we can help reverse many of these visible signs of aging.

In order to keep skin looking its best following treatment, or for greater protection at any age, the Texas Vein & Aesthetics’ staff recommends consistent use of sunscreen to protect from UV rays. Tanning beds contribute to the formation of these age spots and brown spots also, and should be avoided to keep skin looking youthful and clear. These same protections are important to decrease the risk of skin cancer, as well.

Take the first step to eliminate age spots and brown spots by calling to schedule an appointment with us today. With the help of our outstanding providers in two convenient locations, there is no reason to wait!