Mole Removal

Most people are familiar with moles, as most people have at least a few. They are usually brown or black, and can appear anywhere on the skin. In the interest of health, people should be aware of the moles on their bodies and observe them regularly for any changes. Recognition of any changes should prompt an immediate trip to the doctor for evaluation. Residents in and around Denton and Frisco have access to the medical expertise of Dr. Scott Powell, and Physician Assistant Victor Fuselier at Texas Vein & Aesthetics for these type of scenarios, including mole removal.

While most moles are just visible growths and do not present any risk to a patient’s health, they can still become bothersome. Sometimes a patient will want to have a mole removed strictly for cosmetic purposes. Other times, it may be the source of discomfort, perhaps being rubbed by clothing, or in an uncomfortable part of the body. If a mole needs to be removed for any reason, it is a simple process, performed during a brief office procedure. If the doctor believes there is even a chance for concern, the mole will be sent for testing following its removal.

It is important to choose a provider that can address the cosmetic, as well as the medical aspect, of moles. We recommend an annual skin check for a trained medical eye to look over moles or other skin concerns. This provides yet another opportunity to detect changes at the earliest time possible, as outcomes are greatly improved if skin cancer is diagnosed early. This is yet another valuable reason to choose Texas Vein & Aesthetics. Call the office nearest you today and ask to schedule a consultation regarding concerning, bothersome, or unsightly moles. Remember to get to the office promptly if a mole starts to change, bleed, itch, ooze, or becomes painful. This will allow us to effectively evaluate your unique case, in order to develop the best and most appropriate form of treatment. We are here to serve our patients with the highest quality products and services available.