Velma Canaday

Velma Canaday is a fit, fun and helpful Nutritionist. She was recently featured in The Health Journals May Issue and is an author of two books on nutrition; 21 Days Cravin'Fit™ and Melt Into Your Kick-Ass Body Food Diary. Velma loves broadening tastebuds to crave healthy food. In addition she offers specialized coaching with VIP packages that encompass part or all 5 Nutrition Makeover Services along with copies of her books. Velma will go to the grocery store with you, perform a pantry sweep, provide healthy grocery delivery and wil even plan your meals and help with meal prep.



No Meals on Wheels here. Have your meals conveniently prepared in the privacy of your own home with the best fresh ingredients that help propel your health and wellness regimen. Take the guess work out of what to eat today, tomorrow or this week and a have a Certified Nutritionist come in and cook mouth watering healthy dishes. Get off the diets and get into Cravin'Fit™.

Grocery Store Tour


I am here to solve your grocery store confusion. I will improve your nutrition awareness and help you make important healthy decisions. Therefore saving you time, money, calories and health. I will make your grocery shopping healthy and fast. In the end you will be armed with quick tips and strategies. When we finish youwill be better than any contestant on Supermarket Sweep. That's the personal win we are after!

Pantry Sweep


I'll come equipped with a list of staples to stock up on. I will also leave you with tips on how to incorporate the staples into your everyday life.

I will teach you why these items are an absolute must. Don't worry we will figure out a way to substitute your favorites. This is all gain and no pain. Well maybe a little bit.

Healthy Grocery Delivery

Hate going to the grocery store and waiting in lines? Or perhaps you don't mind it, but you just don't have the time. I love buying healthy groceries and taking trips to the grocery store. Let me take the hassle of grocery shopping and you can spend more time on important tasks or spending time with family.